String Infusion Credits

7th April 2017

The String Infusion team would like to say a huge thank you to the following companies, who have helped make us a success.

Tann Westlake – for an innovative brand and web design – we love it.

Music Arrangers: Electric

  1. Steve Pycroft –

Music Arrangers: Acoustic

  1. Matt Eden –
  2. Robin Wallington –
  3. Dennis Tjiok –
  4. Rory Storm –


  1. Forshaw Media –

Events and Production Companies

  1. Make Events – – Thank you for providing  us with our very first corporate platform
  2. Gravity Live Productions- – Thank you for inviting us to play at  first large production
  3. Four Seasons – Trinity Square London – – Thank you  for inviting us to play at such a magnificent venue and for our breakthrough into London


  1. Matthew Seed Photography –

Our Musicians

  1. They distinguish our group from others and want to thank them for wonderful music they deliver to our clients.

Featured Event Supplier

  1. PoptopUK Event Planning Concierge Service –