British Asian Trust North Ball

14th September 2016

Our girls were delighted to be invited to play at the very first annual British Asian Trust North Ball. The event took place at the Hilton on Deansgate in Manchester and raised almost £500,000 for its programs in South Asia – a massive well done to the Manchester Chapter who organised the event and everyone else involved.

Playing to a large audience with guests such as Lady Colin Campbell and ‘Real Housewife of Cheshire’ Ampika Pickston, our girls played an electrifying set.

Emma, Helena, Mikaela, Lauren, Sophia, Isabella and Alex were all delighted to be a part of the evening, creating a stunningly choreographed performance. We played a total of 6 songs over a 30 minute period and loved every moment.

Ampika Pickston from The Real Housewives of Cheshire was kind enough to tweet us following our performance: ‘@Stringinfusion @britishasiantst thought you were the best thing that evening. So talented.’

It was an incredible evening to be a part of!

British Asian Trust North Ball